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After the Romans left, Britain became a very fragmented country with many small Kingdoms and fifedoms.During this time England was being constantly invaded by Vikings and other European races

In an attempt to stabilise the situation King Vortigern who controlled most of the South of England invited the Jutes (Saxons) led by Hengist & Horsa to come to England as mercenary soldiers to defend England from these invaders. Sadly as ever there was a great deal of treachery which resulted in the Britons going back on the arrangements with Hengist & Horsa and a major battle was fought in 457 AD at or close to Crayford in Kent where history records that some 4000 Britons were killed.

Kent was then divided between the Jutes who settled east of the Medway who were called Men of Kent and the Britons who settled west of the Medway and were called Kentish Men.

To this day the division of the county by birth still exists but Men of Kent and Kentish Men are united under the banner of the White Horse (reputed to be the emblem of Hengist & Horsa) which is also the emblem of the county of Kent

in 1067 AD close to Swanscombe (near Dartford), Men of Kent and Kentish Men ambushed William Duke of Normandy and offered peace if he would grant their "ancient rights and liberties" otherwise it would be war.

Their request was granted and from that day the motto of Kent has been

INVICTA meaning "the undefeated" or "unconquered"

Hence the White Horse on a red shield and the motto Invicta are synonymous with Kent


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